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The S.E.C. Education Foundation is dedicated to professional education in creative real estate philosophy and methodology. Course Offerings and Instructors approved by the Society of Exchange Counselors and its Foundation are listed below.

If you are interested in having any of these courses presented in your geographic area, please contact the instructor directly regarding program availability and parameters. Questions regarding the S.E.C. Education Foundation or its participation in promoting, sponsoring, or underwriting an approved program should be directed to the Foundation at:

Please Note: CC indicates it is a Core Course.

Equity Marketing/Exchanging

The Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing

We can learn how to be more productive in the equity marketing arena by studying some of the things that don’t work. After attending several hundred local, regional, and national marketing sessions, I have seen brokers continue to repeat the same mistakes multiple times to the detriment of themselves, their clients, their fellow brokers and the marketing meeting. Although there are more, we will discuss 7 SINS that I think are repeatedly violated. Examples and case studies will be used, with interaction from the attendees.


Counseling for Action – 16 hours (CC)

Identify how a client understands situations, the role of the counselor, objectives of counseling, why counsel, effective use of time, benefits, listening, environment, words and images.

Understanding Your Client – 8 hours (CC)

This course examines the reasons to clearly understand a client’s motivation when they are buying, selling, or exchanging. Using the skill of client counseling will allow any agent (residential, commercial, farm, etc.) to help their client reach a successful conclusion.

Counseling for the Serious Exchangor – 8 hours (CC)

This course is a workshop, not a “how to” course. The objective is to upgrade existing counseling skills, accurately assess our strengths and weaknesses in the continuum of the counseling process.

Exchange Magic – 7 Hours (CC)

The morning session focuses on creative methods to help your client understand how the market views their property. Together, your client and you will create your “Game Plan” so your client knows and expects to receive the kind of offers that will fulfill their needs.  The afternoon focuses on how to prepare for a market session, what to do at the sessions, and explores different ways to write exchange contracts.   You will also participate in a re-enactment of actual counseling sessions with parties who all said they could never close a deal with the others, and yet a three-way exchange was closed with all parties getting exactly what they wanted, including the Broker….just like Magic!

Creative Real Estate Formulas

Creative Real Estate Formulas – 4-9 hours – CE approved in CO and TX (CC for 8 Hours)

This course provides a wide range of creative formulas to facilitate transactions in the face of adverse market conditions. Creative transaction structures, financing, development, alternative uses, syndications, subdivision, and negotiation, are covered.

“Broker Estate Building” – Two Day Course

This course will give you proven techniques to build your own estate as well as helping your client to build theirs. Fast paced delivery of methods used by many of the finest minds in creative real estate, all designed to create and retain wealth.

“Broker Estate Building” – One Day Course

This course is a one day condensed version of our two day course and is designed to give you proven techniques to build your own estate as well as your clients. Fast paced delivery of methods used by many of the finest minds in creative real estate, all designed to create and retain wealth.”

Formulas in Today’s Broken Market

The course will help you understand your expertise; plan for today’s market; teach you formulas that have been proven over time; explain the inference of opportunities in government and banking; provide case studies; and help you maximize your portfolio management skills.

Effective Client Counseling – Benefits for both the Clients and Brokers (CC)

Looking to enhance your skills as a real estate professional? Join our education course on Effective Client Counseling. This course is designed to teach you the value and benefits of counseling for building trust, strengthening relationships with clients, and ultimately increasing your conservation rate for successful real estate transactions. You will learn best practices and techniques for effective client counseling through group discussions and practical exercises that will help you apply the concepts you learn.

Moderator Training Course

Certified Moderator Course – (2 days & 1 evening) (CC)

Among the topics addressed in the course are (1) characteristics and philosophy of a well run marketing meeting; (2) specifically addresses the elements of an effective moderator; (3) the role and responsibilities of a moderator; (4) the questioning process for effective marketing; (5) the moderator’s responsibilities; (6) the presentation process and format; (7) how to create a positive and productive market environment; (8) how to handle a presenter; (9) how to stimulate productive thinking and create participation. Many role-plays are an integral part of the course, as is videotaping and critiquing.

Marketing the S.E.C. Way

Methods of Moderating & Marketing – 2 Day Course

The key to successful marketing meetings is quality Moderators. This course covers: Definition of marketplace, presenter and moderator, gaining respect in the marketplace, proven presentation process and format and Marketing session strategies and coping with disruptive influences.

How to Market a Difficult Investment Listing in any Economy! – 8 hours or 16 hours

This in-depth class will formulate new ideas and solutions for your client that could result in a successful transaction. Learn how to identify the real problem which could be the property, the client or even the broker. Learn how to evaluate a Property’s benefits that create value and opportunity. Learn how to evaluate different categories of property and how they typically rank in the eyes of the market. Learn how to better understand clients and their true needs and motivations. Learn creative ideas and transaction formulas to find a solution that will work. Analyze case studies to illustrate possible transactions.

Tough Questions in Tough Times = Closed Transactions – 4 hours – CE approved in CA

In tough economic times or with hard to market properties, understanding the client is as important, or more important, than understanding the real estate. This course will explore the importance of learning the client’s motivations, abilities and inabilities, which will help to design a transaction that benefits the client.

Applying Lessons from the World’s Toughest Races

In this interactive course, Mittman will lead the class with humorous events of failures and successes from the trenches of global adventure and the world’s toughest races. Participants will leave with tools and develop skills to positively propel themselves and their businesses forward.

Creative Real Estate Finance

Owner Financing – The Paper Course

This is an intensive one-day course that explores the many facets of owner financing and how to use it to close transactions, assess risk and make sound note investments. The course begins with a quick review on the use of a financial calculator to calculate present and future values of an income stream. From there, topics include analyzing notes for investment, full and partial purchases, investment-to-value vs. loan-to-value, the paperwork behind the deal and the possible use of self-directed IRA’s and private investors to sell notes. The course provides numerous case studies showing how to put deals together in today’s marketplace. This course is designed for experienced commercial real estate professionals who are in a position to advise clients, partners and others on the benefits of using owner financing to close commercial real estate transactions and satisfy investment objectives.

Paper On Steroids

As cash has become cheap and plentiful, many have lost the art of creating wealth through Paper. In this advanced course, participants will learn the basics of Paper to set a foundation for understanding how paper can be used to create transactions. Later in the course, powerful formulas using Paper will be discussed in detail, and will include case studies and real world examples. In this course you will learn at least one way to resurrect a deal you have lost, make more on a deal you are ready to close, or make an offer on a property that you didn’t think you could acquire. Attend this course to build you knowledge of why Paper is a great tool, and learn how to increase your transaction abilities

Authorized Instructors:

Real Estate Development

Development (Understanding the Development Process) – 8 hours

This course will take you through the development process from start to finish, and will provide you with valuable forms and techniques. The instructors have extensive development experience, and they will cover that include how to build a development team; the offer process; due diligence; demographics; an introduction to pro forma; partners, PPMs, and using equity other than cash; help with government issues; the construction process; financing; management after development; green building; brainstorming; and how counseling can help a developer.

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The mission of the Education Foundation is to establish a fund to encourage and financially support education programs related to real estate, particularly in the area of creative transactions and professionally structured equity marketing techniques.

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