C. Charles “Chuck” Chatham, S.E.C.

Subsequent to a successful residential real estate career spanning over 20 years and being rejuvenated by his attendance at a Richard Reno Modern Real Estate Exchanging and Counseling seminar, Chuck Chatham began a methodical initiative to revolutionize the concept of professional client representation in commercial real estate which resulted in a far reaching impact on today’s professional industry. Chuck Chatham is known as the person who took counseling to the level it is today in the S.E.C.

Mr. Chatham defined Counseling as a real estate practice on a professional level designed to guide a client or customer to a better understanding of his real estate ownership problems and their probably solutions; utilizing modern principals and methods of questioning and listing to establish client management.

Listening was described as to listen, to concentrate, to open your mind, to absorb, to become one with the speaker; a giving of oneself wholly, completely; the giving upon ones desires, fears, goals, responsibilities and objectives for the duration of the counseling period.

He further defined Client Management as the positive guiding, directing, governing and managing of the Client/Professional relationship on a partnership basis from the original contract to the transaction closing.

Chuck Chatham developed twelve different real estate counseling courses ranging in format from lecture and seminar to self study cassette tape courses. His programs ranged from one to five days in length and it is documented that he taught over 17,000 students.

Other notable accomplishments of Chuck Chatham are:

  • S.E.C. Counselor of the Year 1970.
  • Created The Art of Real Estate Counseling which was first presented in Glendale, CA, in 1966.
  • California Real Estate Associates Most Outstanding Exchange in 1971.
  • Listed in Personalities of the West and Midwest in 1971 & 1972.
  • Pacific Coast Exchange Counselors Charter Member.

Chuck Chatham is known to have made a lasting mark on the Society and the commercial real estate profession.