Robert W. “Bob” Steele, S.E.C.

Bob Steele was an early member and promoter of the S.E.C. and has been influential in its structure and development. In 1969, Steele joined four other creative real estate educators to develop and teach seminars across the US and in foreign countries under the umbrella of the Richard R. Reno Education Foundation. His first contributing seminar is recognized as the original formulas class 100 Solutions to Real Estate Problems.

Bob was co-founder of The Real Estate News Observer which was the precursor to the S.E.C. Observer that is published online today.

Along with partners Richard Reno and Cliff Weaver, Bob originated the Real Estate Expo, the largest private real estate convention in the US held for many years in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Other books published by Steele include 100 Ways to Make Real Estate Deals Without Cash. He also authored Fundamental Analysis, a computer program to help corporations analyze the value of exchanging into real estate.

Other notable items in Bob’s line include:

  • S.E.C. Lifetime Member.
  • S.E.C. Counselor of the Year 1969.
  • Exchanger of the Year, 1969.
  • Co-founder of Orange Coast Exchangors.
  • Member Real Estate Exchangors Hall of Fame.

Bob has lived in places many of us only dream of or read about in National Geographic Magazine. Places like Oaxaca, Mexico; Costa del Sol in Spain; London and Marlow, England. Bob has personally taught over 100 seminars, on the subject of real estate exchanging and related fields, throughout the United States and other countries for his own seminar company, and for the Reno and the Chatham Educational Foundations. He has written books and educated in this field for over 40 years and firmly believes that “with a knowledgeable and counseled client any problem can be resolved.”

Bob Steele has been an important part of the Society since its early days. He continues to share his knowledge by leading seminars today.