August 11, 2022

In this book, you will learn many different styles of creative seller financing. Seller financing is when the seller of a property makes a loan for a buyer to purchase the seller’s property. The outside-the-box application of seller financing is creative seller financing in action.

You will learn how to apply the different styles by walking step by step through examples of each type of seller financing. You will learn how to apply the different tools to both residential real estate and commercial or investment real estate. You will also understand the basic requirements concerning both “The FAIR Act” and “The Dodd-Frank Act” (as they relate to Seller or Owner Financing.) Understanding the tools will give you more facility in completing real estate transactions, resulting in expanded benefits to all parties involved. Said another way, creative seller financing will help you close more deals!

By the end of this book, you will be clear that you can do any of these types of transaction using creative seller financing!

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The mission of the Education Foundation is to establish a fund to encourage and financially support education programs related to real estate, particularly in the area of creative transactions and professionally structured equity marketing techniques.

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