S.E.C. Approved Moderators

Wesley Dingler, S.E.C.,

Peter R. West, S.E.C., CCIM

Gary Vandenberg, S.E.C., ALC, CCIM

John Brennan, S.E.C., CCIM

Mark Johnson, S.E.C., CCIM

William E. Stonaker, S.E.C., CCIM

Brandon Sanders, S.E.C., CCIM

Stephen D. Barker, S.E.C., CCIM

Ed Berlinski, S.E.C., CCIM

Corey Bishop, S.E.C.

Ronald J. Bowden, S.E.C., CCIM

Larry Browning, S.E.C.

Ernie M. Eden, S.E.C.

Jon England, S.E.C., CCIM

Stephen R. England, S.E.C., ALC

Nick Esterline, S.E.C., CCIM

Steve Eustis, S.E.C., CCIM

Steve Fithian, S.E.C., CCIM, CPA, CPM

Harry H. Kennerk, S.E.C.

Darryl McCullough, S.E.C.

Lance Moore, S.E.C., CCIM

Nick Nichols, S.E.C.

Bill Richert, S.E.C., CCIM

Paul Martin Winger, S.E.C.

Lance Warner, S.E.C.

Nick DeMarte, S.E.C

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The mission of the Education Foundation is to establish a fund to encourage and financially support education programs related to real estate, particularly in the area of creative transactions and professionally structured equity marketing techniques.

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